A Poem about Spiritual Direction

Feb 3 2015Spiritual Direction Moment

When angular limbs
fall into place
and twisted features
start to unfold
his gaze softens
eyes darken
her face blurs
suffused with tenderness
(at last, tenderness for self,
for one’s own experience.)
Then I catch my breath
as the Spirit whispers, “Now…
now is the time…”
I hold myself in readiness
for the birth about to take place.
Lovingly, carefully, together we
move to create safe passage
for the beautiful child.
Welcome, dear one.  Welcome.

~ by Antoinette Voûte Roeder, from her book Weaving the Wind

Antoinette Voute RoederAntoinette is an alum of Pacific Jubilee and she’s been offering spiritual direction since 1990.  She’s a published writer and poet and offers retreats in spirituality, prayer, writing, mysticism, and mystics.
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