An Invitation

conch-shell-on-a-beach-in-the-sunsetflorida--contrast-warm-filter-best-3-saturatedDear Ones,

Dale invited the leadership team for Prairie Jubilee to consider writing a blog for the website.

“Our last residency for this cycle concluded and would we be interested in writing something?”

I successfully put off answering the first call of this invitation for a few weeks. He asked again.

How to respond when nothing was coming to write about? Judgement crept it. How could I have nothing to write when this experience of  PJP is rich in all ways. We learn, we companion one another, struggle together, laugh, dance, sing, pray, experience silence, commune in nature to name just a few of the external components.

The internal growing of soul and movement of spirit are transformative and we get to talk about it with each other! I know from our work, to allow judging to walk with mercy and I recognized that things to write about began flowing in. This flowing in came after honestly confessing to the the team I had nothing to say right now and would someone else care to?

Someone stepped in as is the case with our team. I also heard via e-mail from Dale again….”keep listening”. With this encouragement, I did, and what flowed in began to take form with the written word. My first blog happened.

Keep listening, what is emerging, what is real…..sound familiar to those of you who have been in journey groups, peer support groups and sat with directees in sacred silence waiting for what wants to be revealed?

“Keep listening.”

Jane Arial
Prairie Jubilee Director