Antoinette Voûte Roeder, graduate of Pacific Jubilee, releases new books

Antoinette Voûte Roeder has just released a new book called Poems for Meditation – An Invitation to Prayer.  James Finley (author of Christian Meditation: Experiencing the Presence of God) writes, “Each poem in this book is a simple, fleeting flash of awareness of some aspect of God’s presence in our life.  Pausing to meditate on each poem becomes a point of entry into the simple depths of God’s presence in our breathing, in each moment, each aspect of our lives.”


 Whether you’ve knelt

in prayer

every day of your life

or never

sunk to your knees

you will not be

honoured more

nor less

The blessing

comes now

and now



This beautiful book is available on Amazon or you may contact Antoinette  for an autographed copy.  Another new volume called “The Many Singings” has also just become available on Amazon.  You may read about Antoinette’s spiritual direction practice here.