Awakening To The Journey Home – New Book – Published by Bill Turner

My interest in meditation and other mystical states of consciousness began in my early twenties. For over forty years I have practiced, studied, and contemplated, the mystery in the mystical side of life.

In my later years working in soil and water conservation, I felt an increasing pull, a nudging to work with others through a broad spiritual perspective. I struggled with what this role might be. After retirement and some discernment, I attended the Prairie Jubilee two-year program, which strengthened my desire to share my life’s mystical experiences with others while also encouraging others to be open towards their own unique journey.

In publishing “Awakening To The Journey Home – A Farmboy, The Mystery and Mysticism” I desire to share my experiences relating to the mystery of spirit and intuition.  In doing so, I hope to reach out to others who are curious about these subjects, but have been reluctant to explore and share these experiences. Ultimately, relating to spirit is part of what it means to be human. I hope reading about my spiritual journey will reassure you that you are not alone in your journey.

I am currently negotiating with bookstores to have my book on their shelves.

If you are interested in purchasing a book right now, please contact me at the email address or phone number below and I will happily sell you a book directly. Books are $15.00 and for $5.00 more I will mail it to you anywhere in Canada.

My book is also available at McNally Robinson located in the Grant Park Shopping Centre.

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