Check out Prairie Jubilee in Ireland!

IMG_1728Hi Prairie Jubilee Friends,

I am a 2004 graduate of the first Prairie Jubilee program in Winnipeg. For the last six years I have been living in Ireland with my Irish husband during the summers. The Alumni newsletter is a great venue where  members can share and provide insights for each other on the spiritual direction journey. For myself, it provides a warm connection to Canada.

I feel very privileged  to have been part of the planning and running of summer retreats through our parish here in Kilkee, County Clare on the west coast of Ireland for the past six years. Since Kilkee is a coastal holiday resort, we have targeted vacationers and provided them with the invitation and opportunity to “Come and Rest Awhile” on their spiritual journey. Participants have been from all over Ireland and from as far away as America. A most rewarding experience for our team and also for those we have journeyed with, based on the evaluations.

Below is a copy of the first and last leaflet page used at the first of our three sessions of the retreat day. We have been holding  one day retreats, one in July and August. The photos were taken locally by myself and helped make the brochures very “home grown” and were very much appreciated by our retreatants.

All the best with the newsletter and I look forward to reading about others’ experiences in Spiritual Direction.


Hilda Toews


Come Rest Awhile

Morning Introduction


“Into the quiet God calls you

Calls you each by name.

Into the quiet God calls you

Enter God’s dwelling

God’s love foretelling 

On this day of days”.

Liam Lawton


“Come away to a quiet place by yourselves 

and rest awhile.” (Mark 6: 31)