Contemplative Supervision – Sharings from Carol Ann Gotch

 As we enter the new year of 2014, a quick glance over the past year highlights for me the October Jubilee Contemplative Supervision and Soul Care workshops.

These interactive workshops followed a similar process that began in Naramata, BC and will conclude in Ontario in September, 2014.

In Winnipeg this past year, our hope was to provide some underpinnings towards an understanding of the components of ethics in contemplative supervision.

Keeping in mind that spiritual direction is primarily about the relationship with God, self and others, as well as a call to freedom –

how do we learn to live the tension between a professional model of supervision and a contemplative experience?

Working with Paul Campbell, Glen Horst, and Shelly Manley-Tannis, we sought to integrate ethics into our understanding of and work in supervision.  Using the triad of the enneagram spaces 2,5 and 8, we opened a broad perspective on the nature of ethics as it relates to spiritual direction, such as human valuing and respect, community and competency, and the dynamics of power and vulnerability.

Our intent was to create a capacity and a certain facility in response to a call to supervision within the Jubilee program.

As supervision is still new to the ministry of spiritual direction, we felt we added some important facets to this ongoing study.

We had fun together, learnt from each other and definitely felt  the movement of the spirit among us.

Shelly provided us with a theme song from Carrie Newcomer’s album, “The Gathering of Spirits”

There’s a gathering of spirits, there’s a festival of friends

And we’ll take up where we left off when we all meet again.

in Ontario, 2014.

Carol Ann