Discernment in Action

La Digue, Seychelles

La Digue, Seychelles

Earlier this month I completed a paper as part of my second year coursework in Prairie Jubilee.

In this assignment we were asked to contemplate what discernment means to us, and illustrate our understanding of discernment through a question or issue that is moving in our lives now.

I examined a work situation, and found that the first thing I realized about discernment is what it is not, i.e. decision making. For me, decision making happens in the head, and is based on logic and reasoning. You weigh the pros and cons and come to a logical conclusion.

Discernment, however, revealed itself as a means of living my life by the guidance of Truth — a moment-by-moment experience of the Divine GPS. There is some likeness to decision making, but there is another ‘party’ at the table, Spirit. Discernment, for me, has emerged to be living in a way that is guided by Spirit.

Exploring this, I began delving into the three key areas I focussed on to try to ‘feel’ discernment: the head, heart and body.

As a primary 6 in the Enneagram world, I tend to live primarily in my head so the challenge for me was to ‘listen’ to guidance through my heart and body centres. This has become an important part of my work.

I have found I can begin to tap my body’s wisdom through ‘body scan’ meditation, i.e. paying close attention and going inward to see how my body actually feels, where is the tension, where is the freedom.

Listening to my heart centre is more challenging, but I have found that visualization and imagination is a doorway into this centre.

Writing this paper was an excellent learning process for me. Now, when I think about discernment as being Divine guidance, or learning the art and practice of Divine orientation, I can think of no better way to live my life.