Is there classroom time?

Prairie Jubilee is not a ‘classroom’ if the image of ‘classroom’ is lecture and   information giving.  Prairie Jubilee is an experiencial opportunity to learn the art of Spiritual Direction and to deepen one’s love for the Great Mystery.  We  form a circle of learning where teachings are received and discussed and   where Direction is practiced. Within this time, inner work is  evoked.


What does the agenda look like?

It is a full agenda but our work is done within a spacious, contemplative atmosphere.  Students are usually tired at the end of the day due to the intensity of their inner work.  The day begins with spiritual practices at 7:15 AM and ends around 8 PM with prayer, having had a short program related ‘session’ after supper.  The two primary circle times are from 9-noon and from 3-5.  There is a day of silence in the middle of the residency.


How much of the program involves the teaching of The Enneagram?

Ordinarily, people think of The Enneagram as it relates to typology.  Prairie   Jubilee uses the Enneagram as a map leading to soul expansion and as a way to open to the world of Spirit.  Being open to Spirit is essential for a Spiritual Director.  The Enneagram will be a strong focus of the first residency,  enabling students to explore and identify their patterns of behaviour but The  Enneagram is not the named topic of most of our learning sessions in following  residencies, although it is always there to support and inform spiritual formation.


Is the cost of individual Spiritual Direction included in the registration fee?

No…this is additional cost.  Fees for Spiritual Direction vary and many Directors have a sliding scale.  The cost per session is something that you need to discuss with any potential Director.  It is hoped that you will see your Director monthly.


Where do I go for the silent retreat days and how much does this cost?

Students have found space for silent retreat in a variety of places.  Some choose a Retreat Centre; some make use of a friend’s cabin or home while they are absent.  Cost depends on these arrangements.  The important thing is to find a place of retreat that allows you to be away from the noise and distraction of your usual routine.  A place for quiet reflection.


If taking for credit, is there a difference in the assignment requirements?

Yes.  Students taking Prairie Jubilee for U of W credit will be required to submit their papers in academic format with a bibliography.  A longer paper is required for credit students.