First Post for Ontario Jubilee


Five Oaks fall 2014 Photo by Peggy Guiler

It is my great honor to be posting blogs for the Ontario Jubilee program and as my first duty I should introduce you to the program and myself.

As a participant in the second year of the two year program I can tell you it is like no other learning experience I have had.  The training offers opportunity for personal growth and for exploration of mediums to express that growth.  It has challenged and changed me in a way I never expected and has also given me a whole new fellowship of friends and co-seekers/learners to grow with.  It would be safe to say the Jubilee experience is a journey not just a program.

The Ontario Jubilee now finds its home in the lovely Five Oaks Education and Retreat Centre near Brantford and Paris Ontario on the banks of the Grand River.  Jubilee is a growing and evolving program in Ontario.  Under the directorship of its founder, Miriam Frey, it has a staff with six teachers who rotate duties along with the support of alumni who also support the learning process by acting as mentors.

Growth and change are embraced as healthy and necessary and the program is always seeking ways to improve content as well as structure and development.  We look forward to the new directions which are on the horizon as leadership expands, finding new ways to use existing talent and involve more people.

My own involvement in Jubilee began about a year and half ago when, a series of holy coincidences lead me to the program.  A journalist by trade, with twenty  years work background in mental health peer support as a trainer and program manager, as well as recent expansion into my own business as a coach have brought me to pursuing Spiritual Direction as occupation.  My personal journey has been one, like many, which has provided opportunity and obstacles which always pointed toward my creator and a deeper knowing of spiritual things.  My heart longs for relationship with the creator but is skeptical of religion and so I have found a faith home in a liberal Christian church.

As time passes I have become more intrigued by other faiths and have grown to respect, and even embrace, some of the other practices, recognizing that in their deepest understanding, most religions point in the same direction and hold similar values.

I look forward to contributing to this blog every third week and will be seeking feedback as well as contributions from other staff, alumni and learners in the Ontario Jubilee.

Wishing you the best as we move toward 2016.

Peggy Guiler