Good bye…Hello!

An article on the closing of Calling Lakes from Sue Bland.

Sue Bland


Who is really  Sue Bland?

I am a visual artist who lives most of the year with my family at Kerry Farm near the Qu’Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan.  Once a year (but not this year) , I make the trek to my birthplace near Ottawa and spend time at Christie Lake near Perth, Ontario. I feel at home in both places, and both places are deep sources of inspiration in my life and my art. I love playing with all kinds of paper, and enjoy exploring the possibilities of watercolours.



These past few days, I have been moving plants from a thick tangle of grass which was once my perennial garden to a new spot out in the orchard. The thatch of grass has not been a perennial garden for several seasons now…. something I have been loathe to admit. Each spring, I have longed for the perennial garden of old and thought, “maybe this summer……(MORE)

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Sue Jubilee Calling Lakes