Jubilee: Welcome to Love School


Hi Jubilee friends,

Please enjoy this guest post from one of Prairie Jubilee’s current students, Joanie Peters…


In my application to Prairie Jubilee I said, I want to go to Love School. A year and a half into the program I stand by that statement. We go to school for twelve plus years at the beginning of our lives to learn how to live the next 30-40 years. What happens if I live 30-40 years beyond that? Not much I learned in high school or university prepared me for those years.
I’ve come to think of the learning and growing that has happened for me in the Prairie Jubilee program as preparation for those years. Where my early education taught me how to live well, my education now is preparing me to die well. What better way to age than growing into a better Lover.
For our third residency we were asked to bring a symbol that represented our experience of spiritual direction. The image I brought was a bowl of feathers to symbolize the subtle nature of spiritual direction. My yoga instructor once said that yoga is a practice of millimeters. This is also my experience of spiritual direction, a feather moving imperceptibly in me but nonetheless having an affect on me as I am able to catch glimpses of the Divine Mystery. In his book The Cat’s Table, author Michael Ondaatje writes,
“I once had a friend whose heart “moved” after a traumatic incident … how many of us have a moved heart that shies away to a different angle, a millimeter or even less from the place where it first existed, some repositioning unknown to us … How have our emotions glanced off rather than directly faced others ever since …”
If our hearts can move millimeters away then surely it is possible for our hearts to return, one millimeter at a time.