Jubilee Year of Deepening – A Return

By Susan Sorensen

It was with delight that the community of the first Jubilee Year of Deepening Circle returned to the Sandy Saulteaux Centre in early February. Deepening is a fine word to express our work and our joy. The theme for our fourth gathering was Heartfulness. Our resources included the writings of Carol Ann Gotch on the 2nd Beatitude, and a framework for the Mystic journey from Love, Soul and Freedom: Dancing with Rumi on the Mystic Path by Denise Breton & Christopher Largent.

Through the sharing of the particularity of each other’s life experience and story, we were helped to see the gift in each of the 12 archetypes on the mystic path. The archetypes, each embodied by one of us, called us to confront loss, engage the soul, honour love, and model freedom. Our stories were our teachers. Through reflecting on “blessed are they who mourn,” we opened to the sorrow of the ways we fail the Mystery and lose our way. In opening our hearts to the grief of our compulsions, we began to see how our sorrows can fuel our loves.

Listening to music and the experience of making art allowed us to feel our heart. These lyrics/music moved us: “Make me an instrument, Lord of your peace, as I let go, as I release . . . as I give love, love I receive . . . as I awaken the living Christ in me” ~ music & lyrics by Kurt Van Sickle

These words from Rumi were also a source of guidance and comfort in this work of transforming love.

Be quiet in your confusion, and bewildered.
When you’re completely empty, within that silence, you’ll be saying,
Lead me
When you become that helpless,
God’s kindness will act through you.
~ Rumi


Susan is an alum of Prairie Jubilee. She’s a published writer and poet as well as a photographer.

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