Merton and Cohen Course – June 25-29, 2014 Presented by Don Grayston

Friends in Jubilee,

 I’m happy to tell you that a proposal I made to Hollyhock for a summer 2014 course on Thomas Merton and Leonard Cohen has been accepted.
So what is Hollyhock? It’s a cutting-edge learning and personal growth centre on Cortes Island, one of the northern Gulf Islands of British Columbia. I haven’t been there yet, but in talking with people who have, I have heard many times that it is a beautiful place in one of the most beautiful parts of BC. The vegetarian menu is fantastic as well; the word on that is unanimous.
Here’s the link to my course: it also takes you to Hollyhock’s website in general.
If you want to phone Hollyhock, it’s number is 1-800-933-6339, x232–which will put you in touch with the registrar’s office there.
This got started when I taught a course on Merton and Cohen at Simon Fraser University in the fall of 2012. I put them together because there are so many parallels between them as soulbrothers: both poets, both tricksters, both outsiders, both transcultural spiritual teachers–and at least a dozen more parallels I could mention. Based on the very warm reception this course received, I made the proposal to Hollyhock.
Does a course like this connect with the work you have done or are doing in Jubilee? As in totally? [ :) ] It concerns two great spiritual teachers, and will offer various approaches to the present cultural reality in which our spirituality has to be expressed and lived out.
So I hope some of you will join me at Hollyhock next June. Please note that scholarships are available. You can apply at
How can you resist this? Beautiful British Columbia, fabulous food, and a chance to get to know two amazing figures in the company of other awake and aware people. Call me/write me if you have any questions.
All good things to you meantime.
Don Grayston

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