Musings From the Hinterland – By Susan Sorensen

My name is Susan J. Sorensen. I live in north-central SK in the winter and spring. Soon I will travel to my island home in PEI for the summer and fall. I have always been fascinated by edges, horizons and the subtle movements of earth and spirit.

“from the hinterland” will contain musings on these rhythms – in word and in image.

I am delighted to be sharing and engaging with the Jubilee community in this way.


Monday May 12, 2014





soft spring breezes sing hope
winter drops a dusting of late snow
melts in the lengthening day

the fragrance of waiting is on the wind

the earth and me
begin to stir with new life
eager for the effort of change






I am here in the heart of God

wandering and restless
shouldn’t something be happening
shouldn’t I be having an extraordinary experience
I’d take a ‘warming of heart’
or an image ‘strange and beautiful’

but oh no, I get ordinary

I know this is my crusty character at work . .
            and play
leaning over the fence
wistfully, wishing for other than this moment

I should be Doing something!

I am Being
and it is enough
Rest, this time is for rest
        in the heart of God
Filled with quiet gratitude
Joy even

I am so loved


(written during Prairie Jubilee Program residency Day of Silence, Apr 28/14)