One-day Passes Available for Contemplation Conference

Contemplation Conference 2015

Hi Jubilee Friends

I wanted to let you know about some new pricing options for the upcoming conference, Healing the World through Contemplative Practice, taking place in Winnipeg October 15-18.

Now, participants can sign up for the entire conference, or a single day or evening. Please visit our website for registration details.

This conference is for people who are interested in spiritual growth and want to learn key practices for increasing awareness and cultivating change. It will also provide practical benefits to those working in the health-care field.
During this event we will equip you with powerful tools and practices you can immediately implement that will positively impact all those whose lives you touch.

We will explore several themes, including:

• CREATING HEALING SANCTUARIES — Sanctuaries are sacred places. They don’t have to be big, they don’t even have to be physical spaces; they may be interior or exterior. Hospitality is an aspect of the contemplative life. We will explore ways of creating environments where fear takes a back seat, and where we feel safe enough to dare to be ourselves.

• SOUL AND THE CONTEMPLATIVE SPIRIT — During this conference we will ask the questions, ‘How does anxiety narrow our life? How does soul grow?’ A contemplative spirit ponders these questions deeply and at length, considering how to awaken soul and move through the world with an easy gait and a healing presence.

• MEDICINE: BEAUTY, ART, NATURE AND SILENCE — We were created to be creators, and in creating our lives as contemplatives we fall into rhythm with our deepest passions and urgencies. Beauty exists in the natural rhythms of nature, in the restoration of balance, in the days and nights and in the seasons and the years. All these innate healing movements foster stability and well-being. Silence heals a depleted life. Art awakens us to new ways of being in the world.

• CONTEMPLATIVE PRACTICES — We will explore practices that will imprint new ways of framing our lives. These will include meditation, centering prayer, working with the breath, journaling and music.

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