Our Jubilee Alum – where are they now?

Jubilee tree croppedAre you someone who heard the call of Jubilee? You completed 2 years of practical learning in spiritual growth, soul development and art of spiritual direction. What’s happened since then? Are you practising one-on-one spiritual direction? Perhaps you’re using your training in the workplace, with family and friends, offering retreats, working in a church, or offering spiritual direction in an entirely different and unexpected way. Do you ever wonder what other members of your cohort are doing and if you might re-connect with them?

Well, these are great questions and we’re asking them too. That’s why we’ve created a new tab on our websites called Meet Our Spiritual Directors. Viewers can search for spiritual directors in four ways: by an alphabetical list, by program, by location and by individual names. Each alum is featured in a way that honors their approach to spiritual direction and/or the Great Work they’re doing. You’ll see that write-ups can include a meaningful image and quotation along with whatever the director wants to convey about their practice. Also, if they wish, directors can indicate they are accepting new directees and include contact information.

So, this is an invitation to Ontario, Pacific, and Prairie alum across the country. We want to know more about you and we want to let others know about you too. If you’d like to accept this invitation and create your own profile page, please be in touch with Julie Elliot at julie@pacificjubilee.ca

She will work with you to create your profile and when it’s exactly how you want it to be, she’ll publish it on the four Jubilee websites. Here’s the link to the page: Meet Our Spiritual Directors

The Jubilee Programs offer training in spiritual direction, spiritual growth and soul development. We explore the contemplative life through spiritual practices including the enneagram, integration of head/heart/body, silent retreats, “holy listening” in journey groups and contemplative prayer and meditation. Read more about spiritual direction by clicking on our 3 national programs: Ontario Jubilee, Pacific Jubilee, Prairie Jubilee