Pacific Jubilee – 7 Opportunities for Alum

Hands GraphicWe were a circle of 20 Jubilee associates – alum and leaders of the current program** and we gathered at St. Faith’s Anglican Church in Vancouver, BC. What drew us to the circle? The promise of a conversation about how Pacific Jubilee can respond to ongoing deepening for alum.

The evening began with quick 2 minute conversations (changing partners with each question):
~ What are you doing now?
~ What feeds and sustains you?
~ Where are the challenges?
~ What has your attention in the world?

Dawn Kilarski then led us in the beautifully familiar “I Am Here” practice along with the song “Remember Who You Are”. Then we chose one or two of the above questions and had time to share in the full circle. Finally, we were asked to consider what support do you personally long for as you continue doing your part in the Great Work and what might that look like?

The questions lingered with us over dinner (across the street at an excellent Italian restaurant) and well through the next day of meetings with the program team. In fact, the questions continue to linger as the program team follows up with each person who attended the alum gathering. In the meantime, we have identified there are already 7 ways that our Jubilee alum can stay connected with the Great Work and the Jubilee community:

1. You could join a group with program participants: phase 1 journey group, phase two practice group and/or phase three peer supervision group. Each of the three phases in the revised SoulGuiding two-year spiritual direction program is eight months long. Be in touch with Lois Huey-Heck for more information.

2. You could attend any of the SoulWork, SoulCare or SoulDeepening events.

3. You could attend a Deepening day on Saturday, Feb 27, 2016 (Vancouver location TBA). This is a direct alum request that may grow into a series – perhaps four times a year – we’ll start with this one and see how it goes!

4. You could attend Contemplation: A Difference in the World on Oct 13-16, 2016 on Bowen Island with presenters Janet Gear, Don Grayston, and the program leadership team.

5. You could continue your training in contemplative leadership through the SoulMentoring program, by invitation/application. There are opportunities of varying lengths and focus.

6. You can be listed on the Pacific Jubilee website under “Find a Spiritual Director.” Please email Julie Elliot. You could then be on the list of possible spiritual directors for people in the program as well as others who are seeking a spiritual director.

7. Also, we will hold a SoulDeepening retreat designed for alum around June 22- 26, 2016 if there is enough interest. Please be in touch with Julie Elliot if you’re interested.

** The program leadership team is Barry Vall, Dawn Kilarski, Lois Huey-Heck and Tim Scorer. Please feel free to contact any of them if you have questions or comments.