Pacific Jubilee Contemplative Conference Update

Posted by Julie Elliot

Hi Jubilee Friends,
This blog provides an update to the “Healing our World through Contemplative Practices” Conference that was held in Winnipeg last October. At that event Pacific Jubilee announced that the next Contemplative Conference would be held on Bowen Island in October 2016. This was to be an open event for anyone who wanted to attend.

When we began our planning meetings we soon realized that significant changes are taking place in all 3 Jubilee programs. For example, the home of Pacific Jubilee – Naramata Centre – announced its closing last year and there have been program changes with our move to Rivendell Centre on Bowen Island. The home of Ontario Jubilee – Five Oaks Retreat Centre – has announced it will close later this year. Prairie Jubilee is also experiencing changes with staff taking on new roles, staff leaving and new people coming on board. We recognized that the staff of the 3 programs need a time of retreat and discernment together. This means we need to put our limited resources into a small gathering for staff rather than a conference for the wider community, as originally planned.

Our sincere apologies are extended to anyone who was planning to attend the Contemplative Conference as it was first conceived. We’d also like to draw your attention to two events that would be suitable for anyone who wishes to continue to study and deepen what was begun so well in Winnipeg last October. Here are the write-ups with links for more information:

journal collage 2Everyday Sacred: Contemplative Practices

with Julie Elliot and Lois Huey-Heck
Come experience six inspiring ways to tend your relationship with life and the Holy. Contemplative spiritual practices are things we do to help us be more present to ourselves, each other, the natural world… and God. This is an opportunity to explore and deepen your practices with a community of kindred souls – held in the beauty and sacred container of Naramata Centre. During the week we will experience:
~ Visual Journaling
~ Centering Prayer
~ Intuitive Collage
~ Spiritual Journey Groups
~ Embodied Prayer
~ Meditation/Silence
We’ll be inside and outside. We’ll carry the intention of finding the practices that best fit your present and future life. More details here

intergenerationalSpiritual Eldering

with Lois Huey-Heck, Jim Kalnin, Tim and Donna Scorer
Let’s ensure that the decades following the years of paid work and home-making are a time of creativity, engagement, mentoring, and compassionate accompaniment. After all, that could be a third of our lives! Let’s build a culture in which aging people learn what it means to grow into eldership, a time of life in which experience and wisdom become a resource and gift for community. As a group of people 55 and older, we will spend time together listening, remembering, exploring, practising, and creating as we become the kind of community that will make this kind of difference in our kind of world. More details here

Please be in touch with Julie Elliot, Communications for Pacific Jubilee, at if you have any questions or concerns.