Jubilee’s Invitation to Soul Care (Oct. 2013) – Reflections from Karen Scott Barss

Invitation’ — that … well … inviting 😉 word so oft used in the spiritual direction/companioning community to name the experience of being lovingly and hospitably called into so many blessed experiences and circumstances: exploration … discovery … service … community … to name only a few.  I am so very grateful to have received such invitation from PJP to facilitate this past fall’s ‘Soul Care’ retreat and to now offer a few reflections on that event – truly “a gathering of spirits” as Carol Ann has described in her post – and one from which “I came away blessed” as Beatrix has shared in her gracious reflection.


Most amazing for me was the rich and rare experience of gathering in community with seasoned searchers and spiritual companions to receive Soul Care with and from one another and from the Spirit amongst us.  Participants’ authenticity, wisdom, and grace collectively fostered ‘plumbing the depths’ of what helps us each to enter and re-enter a place of ‘trust’ — our traditions & practices, reconciliation work, understandings, searching, and teachers (whether through ‘interior’ knowing and/or ‘exterior’ mentorship).  In the process, we discerned some of our current soul care needs and some of the practices and relationships that are currently helping us to tend them.  We also named and affirmed one another’s spiritual strengths and considered ways of mobilizing them to nurture our own and others’ souls.


In essence, we were able to embrace PJP’s invitation to soul care … to return to PJP’s fold in support of such vital, ongoing nurture … and in so doing, to return to the inner landscape of the soul and listen deeply to its guidance.  The following words (from a song we sang together toward the end of our ‘Soul Care’ time) perhaps best capture this invitation – and the blessing of being able to respond to it:

Return again, return again,

Return to the land of your soul.

Return again, return again,

Return to the land of your soul.

Return to who you are.

Return to what you are.

Return to that place

Where you are born & born again.

Return again, return again.

Return to the land of your soul.

Shlomo Carlbach (Music) & Rafael-Simkba Kahn (Lyrics)



Blessings to all for 2014,