Poetry and Prayer by Antoinette Voûte Roeder

Color Me Empty

a love song to the Holy One

I am
but make
no mistake
emptiness is not
void.  It has
flavor, it has
Its colors are dusk,
half-light, depth.
You are the tender
spread of dawn
when it first appears
and the last lingering
long after sunset.
You are the
emerald sheen of
sun in water
and the light that fails
to find its reflection
on a day of drizzle.
You take my
emptiness and spin it
into a blanket so light
it sits like stardust
on your shoulders,
my emptiness offering shade
to your dazzling Fullness.

Michael Roeder - night sky

The creative process is so like prayer, in fact I like to think of it as sacred space.  In the process we give ourselves over to the music that is always playing at the heart of the cosmos and in our own center.  We listen for that place where inner stirrings and outer inspirations meet.  It is a threshold place, what in mystical language we call liminal space.  We may come to it with all kinds of ideas, projects, and dreams (doesn’t that sound a lot like our prayer?) and they may well bear fruit in this space.  On the other hand, they may all disappear in a puff of smoke while something else quietly enters.  Then the creative artist will be off into some unknown territory.

At particularly graced times, a poem will write itself.  Much of the time I start with an image or a phrase.  As it repeats in my mind, another phrase knits on.  And so it goes.  Finally it is the poem itself that knows how to come to an end.  When it works, I am most in touch with my Self and with the Holy.  And above all, grateful.

~ Antoinette Voûte Roeder is a graduate of the Pacific Jubilee Program in Spiritual Direction.  She is an anamchara in Edmonton, Alberta.  Her latest poetry volumes are Poems for Meditation:  An Invitation to Prayer, and The Many Singings, available from Amazon and from the author.  Reach her by e-mail at a.roeder@telus.net.