Prairie Jubilee Structure

Prairie Jubilee Association

The Prairie Jubilee Association is the entire organization of people that believe in and support the Prairie Jubilee Program. It is at the heart of the Prairie Jubilee Association. It is the reason the Association exists.

The Prairie Jubilee Program has been a successful program for the last ten years. It continues to succeed and grow.

In order to do this, the following structure has been established and puts the Program central to the association. All association members support it.

The Programs’ Leaders are supported.

Prairie Jubilee Program

The program is lead by a group of three people (Directors), who determine program content, as well as the direction it will move in.  The Program Directors lead the direction of the team.

Currently:      Carol Ann Gotch – Program Developer
Cheryl Kinney-Matheson – Registrar
Jane Arial – Coordinator of Interns


Supports of the Jubilee Program:


The Prairie Jubilee Program Communicator supports it and assists in the following tasks:

-Manage the relationship with the U of W
-Communicate and update PJP alumni and students
-Promote the program



The Prairie Jubilee Program Directors require support with their teaching and running of the program. Graduates of the program are selected to assist in the education of new students. These interns are trained to one day be a part of the team of Jubilee.


The Prairie Jubilee Council

The Jubilee Program requires support and guidance from a group of people with many different skills and experiences.  The people on this council believe in the program and its ongoing success.  These people are contemplative listeners that hear where the association is and respect what it is called to do. They are gathered together four times a year to review the PJP program’s year and offer guidance if required. Anyone on this Jubilee Council is aware that they may be called upon, from time to time, to advise and assist the program if needed.

The three Directors of the program select these council members yearly. Members are selected by the gifts they can bring to the Prairie Jubilee Program. If they are selected they must commit to one year on the council.

The Council works contemplatively with the Program Director on the selection of program staff.  These council positions are voluntary.



In order to help the PJP Directors concentrate on their teaching. The PJP Directors have selected a outside body, person or organization to support it in the following tasks:

-Creation and maintenance of a the PJA website
-Track, compile and oversee all financial and administrative tasks
-Tend to any legal issues
-Provide advice on organizational matters



The Prairie Jubilee Program is a small program that does not need a lot of organizational structure to run. It has been successful because it as been administered by a small group of caring people. To continue the great spiritual works It is left in the hands of those that know best of to guide it.