Prairie Jubilee – Contemplative Retreat Day: Living the Hours October 29, 2016

Hello Prairie Jubilee alumni, staff and friends,

As always we want to let you know about a valuable retreat series that has been put together by Prairie Jubilee Instructor, Carol Ann Gotch. This contemplative retreat series will continue to unfold over the next year. The next retreat day will be Saturday, October 29th and will include two meals.

The day will unfold at the new Inscapes retreat house, Touchstone, that is located in Sandy Bay, just a 60 minute drive north of Winnipeg.

The first retreat in this series took place on September 24th and here are a few things that retreatants have shared of their day:

The Living Hours (as opposed to mechanical hours)

“stillness is full of demands, awaiting a soul to breathe in the mystery that all things exhale
in their craving for communion” Abraham Heschel

Everything, yes everything, communes with us and offers spiritual lessons. Seeing through
to the essence of things requires stopping, a pause, actually a few pauses.

The art of stopping at different “hours” or seasons of the day, even in momentary stillness,
tunes us into the mysterious call of that particular mood of the day. Acknowledging the call,
we are invited to respond.

Those of us who have heard the call of Lauds, prayer at daybreak, exhaled surprise, fullness
and gratitude. Next up on October 29th Prime, how we do the spiritual work in community.

Carol Ann Gotch


The call of Lauds is counter-intuitive in mechanical hours. Gratitude in the midst of suffering seems unattainable, if not outright senseless. But if we start with a morning practice of being grateful (open to the call of Lauds) and remember Lauds when everyday irritations arrive, as they will, we can grow in our capacity for gratitude and freedom.

– Workshop Participant


Letting go

Cease all striving and straining.
Be done with busy doing.
Face into the wind as a weathervane.

Stop hosting fears and worries.
Give up your mental anguish.
Meet your adversary empty-handed.

Relinquish anxious searching
And monitoring of stars.
Follow the river without a compass.

Do not seek recognition.
Pause your pious prostrations.
Inhabit your inner sanctuary.

– Workshop Participant


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