Prairie Jubilee Council – New Council Member Announcement

All the Jubilee Programs requires support and guidance from a group of people with many different skills and experiences.  The people on the Prairie Jubilee council believe in the program and its ongoing success.  These people are contemplative listeners that hear where the program is and respect what it is called to do. They are gathered together four times a year to review the Prairie Jubilee Program’s year and offer guidance if required.

The Council works contemplatively with the program staff and helps be a grounded presence.

The Prairie Jubilee Council is please to announce its newest appointee, Bob Dueck.

Bob Dueck

Bob Dueck

Bob Dueck is a teacher and spiritual director who has studied the Enneagram extensively under the guidance of Carol Ann Gotch and David Walsh. He is a graduate of the Prairie Jubilee Program and the Enntrain Advanced Enneagram Training Workshops. Bob brings to the world a curiosity about all aspects of life and creation, bridging the gap between the sciences and the humanities. For the last 30 years, he has taught Electronics Engineering Technology at Seneca College (Toronto) and Red River College (Winnipeg) and has written a textbook on Digital Electronics. He belongs to a male-voice liturgical choir that is based in St. John’s College at the University of Manitoba. He wonders a lot about life on other planets.


The council and the rest of the Jubilee family welcomes Bob and looks forward to working with him over this next year.

Dale Bially
Jubilee Program Administrator