Thanks for “Care of the Soul for the Soul Who Cares”

How can one resist a continuing education retreat entitled: “Care of the Soul for the Soul Who Cares” ? Having graduated from Prairie Jubilee just over a year ago, I was more than ready to return and reconnect with the process that gave me such unbelievable nurture during my studies. And I was not disappointed. Karen Scott Barss was a treasure. An able facilitator, she led us through conversations that mined our individual and collective wisdom around spiritual practices. One of her gifts and practices is singing, one she graciously shared in leading us. She had a plethora of handouts and wonderfully satisfying bibliographies. A treat was her original work entitled T.R.U.S.T.: An Affirmation for Soul Care that gave us a framework for our time together.

Built into our workshop was time shared with the participants of the parallel event Soul Mentoring – Contemplative Supervision Retreat. Some people had one-on-one time with a supervisor; most of us were placed in triads. We used the peer supervision model of sharing and reflecting back what was heard, interspersed with silence. The richness of our Soul Care time primed me for honest sharing in that triad opportunity. I came away blessed. I would recommend you to participate next year in the Soul Care event.

–Beatrix Schirner