The Prairie Jubilee Association is looking to fill the positon of: Coordinator of Communication and Marketing

The Prairie Jubilee Program requires a person to support all communications that promote the program on an ongoing basis.This person will assist in the following tasks:

  • Manage the relationship with the U of W (attendanding Cooperative meetings and maintaining relationship with contact at  the U of W)
  • Communicate with and update PJP alumni and students via email and website posts
  • Promote the program on the prairies by new and creative means


This person will work in cooperation and communicate with:

  • The Program Directors, who oversee the teaching and running of the residencies
  • The Administrator, who oversees the creation and maintenance of the website and handles all financial/legal issues
  • The Council, who offers support, discernment and guidance

This person will also be expected to attend evening Prairie Jubilee Council meetings (approximately four a year)


The qualifying candidate will be paid by honorarium each year.All interested parties may email their resume to me, Dale Bially,  at for applications is October 31, 2014.